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Play To Learn Special School is a place for intellectually challenged children to find their way in life.. We are determined to bring a smile on the faces of children who need to express themselfs and be understood in a different way. We do our best to care about the children who are "Special" in real sense.Submit below your details , we will give you a call within 1 Hour.

About Play to Learn Autism school in tirupati

Play To Learn Centre for Rehabilitation (Special School) run by Sindhu Institute of Rehabilitation Reg no: 305/2014 under registration Act 2001, is a comprehensive multi-service school that provides special education, therapeutic and recreational services for children with special needs thereby fostering their physical, educational, emotional, cognitive development and social development and thus enabling them to play, learn, live and function in the real world.

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Play To Learn school for special child in Tirupati for Differently abled is aimed at equipping the individual with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in an inclusive society through employment in open, supported and sheltered employment.

Our Play To Learn Special Schools in AP for spacial child in Tirupati has helped many autistic children to live a better life by improving their self dependance skills.We has good name among parents of students, as they have recorded significant growth with our special education courses

We provide early evaluation and interventions so we can understand the special case for our every student. We give educational remedial classes and Technology based interventions. This process has got us good success and we are continuously enhancing our special education courses.

Our Special Care andTherapy



Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists use a holistic approach in planning programs. They take into account the physical, social, emotional, sensory and cognitive abilities and needs of students. An occupational therapist works to develop skills for handwriting, fine motor skills and daily living skills. Occupational therapists work as part of a team that includes parents, teachers, and other professionals.



Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory integration therapy aims to help kids with sensory processing issues by exposing them to sensory stimulation in a structured, repetitive way. The theory behind it is that over time, the brain will adapt and allow kids to process and react to sensations more efficiently.



Behaviour Modification

Behaviour modification is used to treat a variety of problems in children. Behavior modification has been successfully used to treat Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), phobias, generalized anxiety disorder , and separation anxiety disorder etc.



Emotional Distrubances

"Emotional disturbance" means a condition exhibiting one or more of the following characteristics over a long period of time and to a marked degree that adversely affects a child's educational performance

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Play To Learn Autism Schools in tirupati AP

We are a group of specialists from the field of special education and mental retardation committed to providing 'extra' need to make a difference in the lives of differently-abled children by encouraging them to realize their true potential.

At Play To Learn Autism Schools in Tirupati , we believe in complete transparency hence for full support and development of the child, it is very important for the parents to be on board with the therapeutic intervention of their child. Hence, regular meetings with the parents are held which comprise of sharing reports, discussing the child’s goals, feedback on home-based plans and parents’ psycho-education.

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